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Property Information

Is this the First of the Second Garage Sale of the Year at this Address?

Garage Sale Permit Rules and Regulations

A garage sale permit is required for sale or exchange of personal property of any kind of description upon privately owned residential property with the City of Maryville.
Permit must be displayed and made available upon request.
Garage sales are limited to two (2) per year at one address and the duration of each sale must not exceed three (3) days.
Signs advertising garage sales cannot be placed upon stop signs, utility poles or the City right of way.
Any signs placed upon private property must be removed on the last day of the sale.
The permit holder is responsible for traffic control, traffic flow must be maintained and neighboring driveways cannot be blocked.


I understand that failure to comply with the Rules and Regulations will result in the enforcement of all penalties and fines as described in Chapter 5, Section 102, of the City of Maryville Municipal Code.
I hereby agree that my typed name below can be used as a digital representation of my signature for the purposes of this application.

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